Goodreads iOS App

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Nov 2014 - present

Tools: Objective-C, Swift

As an iOS Developer at Goodreads, I am part of a small team that is working on revamping many existing pages within our iOS app. Our largest redesign so far was our book page, and author and series pages soon followed.

The design is beautiful, and this is probably the project I'm most proud to have ever been a part of. Behind the scenes, we built tons of reusable components and laid down a framework that has made redesigning other pages much simpler.

Design and UX by Sarah Ohye; work in collaboration with Goodreads iOS team


Spring 2009

Tools: Flex (ActionScript), PHP

EasyPrint is a web app for managing on-campus printing at MIT. The tool was a collaboration between three other students and I as our semester-long group project for the class 6.813 User Interface Design. We designed it completely and iteratively, from initial user and task analysis, paper and computer prototyping, to user testing, and implementation.

  • Shows the location and up-to-date status of all printers on MIT's campus
  • Displays whether printers are active or stalled, the size of each print job currently on the queue, and the username the print job belongs to
  • Users can upload files, set printing options, and send the files to any printer on campus; after sending files, users can delete jobs and determine their place in the queue